dog and paint brush logo

At the age of four I made the decision to become an artist and immediately concentrated on drawing a series of yellow suns. At seven I had achieved an accurate copy of a horse’s head and at seventeen a series of screen prints of wobbly ladies. By the age of twenty-one, my first book black and white book illustrations were published and I finally settled into the life of a freelance illustrator.

I now live in Northern France and illustrate and paint variable subject matter, including four legged friends and fish.

I want to share what I love doing best.
I am open to artistic challenges.
I am happy to accept commissions.
And I long for the day when someone invites me to decorate their water tower.

I love painting large scale portraits of dogs.
I love painting on bits of old barns, chicken cupboard doors and sea thrashed driftwood.
I love painting animals and humans.
I love playing ART with kids.